Bridal Journey

My Bridal Make-up Journey!



So..Who have you booked for your Bridal Makeup? If i count on my finger’s the number of time’s i got asked with this question when i told the world i was getting married, I really could not count it.

One Major question every Bride-to-be gets to hear from her friends, friends of friends, neighbors, Neighbors relatives and the list goes on.

‘Toh, Makeup kahan se book kerwaya”? (So, which Salon have you booked for your makeup?)

Since always, i never wanted to spend a hefty amount for my bridal makeup, ever. Not that it’s a bad thing, everyone has a different set of choices but personally i wanted to go for something pocket-friendly and of high quality.

Many people said ‘But it’s your biggest day of your life, how can you risk such a big day’?!  I always told them ‘Whatever money i spend, will they make me look like Angelina Jolie”?! No right? ‘They will only enhance how look to another level, and i definitely don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for just a few hours- You what i mean right?

After searching up various makeup Artists, their Bridal packages and added benefits i finally made up my mind.I visited the salon of these two super talented and such courteous sister’s (Sana and Sara) at their ”Sana Sara’s Salon & Studio” and kept on visiting their ‘Live Brides’ on going makeup sessions, not once, not twice but thrice till i loved their work and signed them up for my big days. Many Salons in Karachi do NOT have this added benefit of having a look at a real-bride while her Makeup is going on. Sana and Sara’s have such reasonable bridal packages along side excellent Bridal services which i did avail and loved it! The signature Makeup look for Baraat costed my 21K which included services as well.  How Reasonable is that?! and Massively awesome.

While i was searching up for the best Makeup place matching my requirements, i had many people question me ‘Oh, why are you not getting your makeup from this high-end expensive Place”? ‘This xyz place will empty your pockets tho, but hello its your big day”.

And there i was thinking :

  1. What’s the guarantee i’ll get the exact look like i have in my mind even if i pay that massive amount of money?
  2. I have heard mixed reviews for them as well, honey.
  3. Why are you asking me questions like .’How much is your Bridal dress for?!’, ”Oh! why don’t you book that Massively expensive designer” and not ask me questions like ‘How are things going on?, ‘Do you need any help with anything”?!

I believe during the preparation time it’s really important to keep the bride to be at ease and make her feel comfortable and (or) assist her with any help instead of asking thick questions ONLY and being of no help.

My wedding was in the busiest of the busy Peak-wedding Month of the Year, i.e December. I always wanted to go for a signature Traditional Red Bride on my Baraat and have a softer yet different look on my Valima.

My In-laws and Husband are complete gems, Masha’Allah. They have always supported in every decision of mine. I told my Husband that i’ve researched and i my heart just feels right for this Salon as it will allow us to get done with my Makeup in time for my Day light Shoot and i won’t have to sulk in the Crazy Karachi traffic Jams on my way to the Venue which was Main Karsaz- Jade Hall.

It all came together brilliantly. On the day of my Baraat and Valima – Both the sisters Sana and Sara along with their Team were super courteous. Such talented sisters, i believe it’s all about taking that leap of faith in things that feel right and it does always have to be ”If it’s expensive it has to be brilliant’. No, it does not work that way.


I arrived early for my Makeup, i observed how nicely each bride was being catered to.It was not an overly crowded fish market and at each step they told me how the look shall be, what i have in my mind, so it was excellent team work.I went for the Signature Look for my Main Baraat Day and Soft Pink look for my Valima.


(Right after the Makeup was done in the Salon- (Raw Pictures below)

And Hey, that’s my best-friend who accompanied me 😀


Perfect Red and Gold Look, with a soft base not cakey at all. Loved how they did my eyes and the lips. I briefed them what look i had in mind and they listened and did their best.




Soft Pink glossy look for day -II and i couldn’t have been happier. I was charged 18k for this look which is the best bet i could get for such an awesome look. I went for a slightly different hair style, which was something new for me, but at the end it was all worth it!

I would totally recommend Sana And Sara’s for all those girls who are looking for a budget-friendly makeup Salon with Excellent Services in Karachi.

All those asking who did my Makeup, you now know it 😀