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My Take on Home-Made KFC Fried Chicken – Finger Lickin’ Good!

Once in a while we all crave for the guilty Food pleasures, right? And What better than some scrumptious Golden Fried Chicken, similar to KFC, made easily at home? (WHY NOT :D)

So a few days ago the Husband and I were Craving KFC Fried Chicken – We really wanted to make some at home, as we find the KFC Chicken slightly salty and super greasy! ( KFC Chicken standard is not what it once used to be, Amirite?) So iΒ Β found the perfect ratio of herbs, spices and ingredients from a few Tested Recipes and Found the Perfect – Closest KFC Recipe at HomeΒ πŸ—Wohoo! Achievement Unlocked!

Ingredients (For the Chicken) – (Part- I)
β€’ Chicken Pieces (With Bone) : 8-9 Pieces
β€’ Salt as required
β€’ Black Pepper: 1/2 tsp
β€’ Mustard Sauce 1 Tbsp
β€’ Ginger Garlic Paste Β½ Tbsp
β€’ 1 Egg (beat it)
β€’ Β½ Tbsp Soda Bicarbonate

Flour Seasoning -(Part –II)
β€’ 3 Cups Flour
β€’ Β½ Tbsp Red Chilli Powder
β€’ Β½ Tbsp Black Pepper
β€’ Β½ Tbsp OreganoΒ 
β€’ Β½ TbspThyme
β€’ Β½ Tbsp Paprika Powder
β€’ Β½ Tbsp Dried Basil
β€’ Β½ Tbsp White pepper
β€’ 1 Cup Corn Flour
β€’ Β½ Tbsp Salt


1. In a Bowl beat an Egg and Add all the Spices and Chicken Pieces (Refer to Part – I).
2. Keep Aside. (Marinate for 15-20 Minutes)
3. Now Coat the Marinated Chicken pieces with the Dry Flour Seasoning.
4. Fry Away.
Tip: Don’t Over crowd the Fry bowl with many pieces, it will drop the temperature. Fry 2-3 pieces at one time.


Ta-daa! Crispy, Finger lickin’ Good – Golden Fried Chicken is Ready to be Served!πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—Β We Loved it!! 😍

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